We Care About Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Unyé stands for understated, yet with purpos

Our accessories are minimal and modern, versatile in design and wear.

Designed to last.

Designed to be timeless.

Picking the right accessory has the power to transform the look and feel of your entire outfit and also your mindset.

Fast fashion has brought into our culture exposure to trendy items that are thrown away after a couple of wears, wasting resources and exposing ourselves and its makers to toxic materials along the way.

At Unyé we want you to look and feel good with your accessory and know where it came from and what it’s made of.

Guilt-free luxury is what we are about.


The story behind our leather goods

We ethically make all our leather based items in the heart of the garment district, in New York city supporting our local makers.

We source the finest materials from family-owned and operated leather tanneries in Italy and the USA.

We produce in small batches and reuse material excess in our packaging.

The story behind our jewelry

Each pieces is designed here in NYC and produced in a small, family-operated factory in Chang An, China that specializes in stainless steel and titanium jewelry manufacturing

We currently only work with surgical stainless steel as our base material and plate with 24 karat gold, making our jewelry sustainable with a low carbon footprint.

Some sustainability and wear facts about stainless steel:

It’s hypo-allergenic.

Meaning: it’s safe for your skin!

It won’t rust or tarnish.

Meaning: you can shower in it!

It’s recyclable and reusable.

Meaning: reuse of it is at 80% and the emission footprints of carbon, water and air used is at a minimum!

It keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Meaning: the material does not harm the person when handling it in production, wearing it, or disposing of it.


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